Massive Meteor Descends on San Diego Before Disintegrating Raising Concern

A massive meteor descended onto the city of San Diego Wednesday night before vaporizing in the air, raising the hair on the backs of local residents concerned for their safety.

By Shepard Ambellas |

SAN DIEGO (INTELLIHUB) — 911 calls came pouring in Wednesday night as people around the area were concerned after witnessing a massive meteor fall from the sky just East of the metropolis. The sheer size and brightness of the meteor has even attracted scientists to respond and has some wondering if planet earth will soon be facing another extinction much like the dinosaurs did millions of years ago.

Reports say that the meteor “disintegrated in the sky” just before impact “with over 30 times the force measured of the bomb blast that destroyed Hiroshima”. Scientists say that this can happen as the “solar system is a shooting gallery”. However, this type activity can be expected for this time of the year.

“I saw this big, greenish flash like, light up the sky. It was headed pretty sideways from like, east to west. I thought, ‘Is that a firework?’ And then I realized, that couldn’t be that big. It’s just in the middle of nowhere in a totally dark area where there’s no houses or anything where anyone would shoot fireworks. I thought, ‘Man, it must have been a meteor” CNN reported one witness saying.[1]

These meteors typically travel at 10 miles per second once they have entered the atmosphere and have been known to actually “knock people off their feet” like the one that descended on Russia earlier this year.

Neil Tyson, the director for the Hayden Planetarium explained on a CNN newscast that the government and NASA now possess the technology to deflect meteors to some extent as seen with NASA’s Project Deep Impact mission. “96 percent of what is driving this universe is “dark matter” Tyson explains, informing the viewers that the universe is a vast and rather expansive thing.

According to eyewitness reports the meteor “broke into 3 large pieces”.

NASA has recently announced that a meteor hitting the planet is 4 to 5 times more likely than originally thought. NASA now claims there are 20 million meteors up in the sky orbiting around earth which has gotten some wondering when the next massive impact will be.[2]


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The photo above is a witness photo of 2013 Russian meteor event made from Chelyabimsk Drama Theatre (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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